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Class 11 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business


Structuralism (continued)


       Readings from Structuralism:



      (continued from last class)


Comparison of New Criticism, Russian Formalism, & Structuralism


  • Signs (signifiers -- signifieds) 



  • Differentiation

Differentiation of signs 


  • Homology

Homology of differentiated signs 


               Parole         vs.        Langue

               Syntagm                 Paradigm

              Diachrony               Synchrony



  • Total Structure  


Levi-Strauss chart of Oediupus mythy



Levi-Strauss chart of mediation




"Greatest Hits of Structuralism"





"Greatest Hits of Structuralism"

Levi-Strauss, Totemic Operator




Roland Barthes

Structuralism into Deconstruction (Roland Barthes)


Roland Barthes (1915-1980)


  • Selected Works:
    • Mythologies (1957) 
    • Elements of Semiology (1964)
    • Writing Degree Zero (1967)
    • The Fashion System (1967)
    • S/Z: An Essay (1970)
    • The Pleasure of the Text (1973)
    • Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography (1981)


















Roland Barthes's 5 Codes of Narrative














How Claude Lévi-Strauss might see "Sarrasine":


Barthes's S/Z as Leve-Strauss Might See It



Barthe's difference from Lévi-Strauss: S/Z (p. 20) (pp. 5-6) (pp. 11-12)

(compare Lévi-Strauss, "Structural Study of Myth," (p. 440: diagram) ("p. 443)

Levi-Strauss, Totemic Operator












  • Other works for discussion
    • L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poets
      • Charles Bernstein, "You" (1983)
      • Bob Perelman
      • Ron Silliman
      • Susan Howe, Bruce Andrews
      • Lyn Hejinian
      • Barrett Watten
      • etc.






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